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  1. 会員番号を取得し、初期費用、UFJ ニコスの口座振替登録を済ませ、 電話番号と受取り可能なメールアドレスまたはご住所の登録をします。
  2.  毎月の受講料は前払い制で前月の27日に UFJ ニコスより自動引き落としとなります。 (27日が休日または祝日の場合は翌営業日に引き落としとなります。)
  3.  画材、書道具などの購入代金は、UFJ ニコスより翌月27日に引き落とされます。
  4.  受講回数の変更・休会の申請は、前月の10日までとなります。
  5.  休会制度があります。休会月は毎月、休会費の月550円(税込)が引き落とされます。再開月が未定の場合は教室内の作品・道具等、私物全てを一度持ち帰り、休会開始から 1 ヶ月を経過した時は処分となります。
  6. 道具・作品は随時整理整頓が行われ、その際にお名前の記載がない、もしくはご連絡が取れなくなった場合、自動的に整理処分されることがあります。
  7. 未受講分の振替え期限は直近の3月31日までとなります。 なお、未受講予定の振替えを事前に取ることはできません。
  8. 休会中・退会後に未受講分の振替えはできません。 休会中に直近の3月31日を過ぎた場合、休会前の未受講分は無効となります。
  9. 退会の届け出は前月の10日までに事務局に申し出ること。退会月には道具・作品を持ち帰り、 退会後 1 ヶ月を経過した時は処分となります。
  10. 再入会の際は、入会金5500円(税込)にてお始めいただけます。
  11.  制作物、道具などのスクール内保管
    a. 作品乾燥棚を使用の際は 1 点まで保管ができ、道具は規定の箱に納めます。
    b. 作品・道具などスクールで保管するものに会員番号・氏名(サイン不可)を記入します。
    c. 完成した作品や使ってない制作物、道具は速やかに持ち帰ります。
    d. 制作前の予備道具などの保管はご遠慮願います。
    e. 保管した私物の破損、紛失は一切責任を持てませんのでご注意願います。
  12. 制作作品の制限
    a. 特別と思われる寸法の制作物は各講座の担当講師又は事務局に確認願います。
    b. 絵画作品、キャンバス15号サイズまで、乾燥棚の空きを確認し制作します。20号以上大作の保管は事務局に申請の上、大型作品保管棚(有料)を利用します。
    c. ポリウレタン樹脂、ポリエステル樹脂、エポキシ樹脂等の硬化材に強毒性が認められる材料(イソシアネート等の有毒性物質)の使用は禁止します。
  13. 月謝3ヶ月分の滞納のある場合、授業に支障をきたす事情が発生した場合には、会員を解除されます。
  14. カリキュラム、講師の移動、指導方針など予告無く変更されることがあります。
  15. お知らせ、変更などはスクール内およびホームページにて告知し、了承されたとみなし運営されます。

Ginza Shogain, Aoyama Shogain, TokyoKyobashi Shogain Terms and Membership Agreement

  1. The first required payment (entrance and the first monthly fee) must be made by the previous day of your first class, after the times of your classes per month is determined. You have to fill in and sign/seal the UFJ NICOS bank account transfer form. Your address or e-mail address receivable must be registered. Your member’s card will be issued accordingly.
  2. Each monthly fee will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on 27th of the previous month. (In case the date comes on weekends or national holidays, it occurs on the next business day.)
  3. The payment for materials and/or tools purchased at our schools will be withdrawn on 27th of the next month along with your monthly fee.
  4. You have to inform us by 10th of the previous month when you change the times of your classes per month or want to take a break for several months.
  5. The absence fees, 550 yen (included tax) per month, will be withdrawn in each month during the times of your absence.
  6. Any works or tools of which owners are unidentified or missing will be disposed without any prior notice, due to our usual school space arrangements.
  7. The paid but unused classes could be used anytime by March 31st of the end of our fiscal year. It is not allowed to use classes previously which will be paid in the next month.
  8. The paid but unused classes could not be used during the times of your absence or after your resignation, but it is allowed to use them after your absent period is over.
  9. If you want to resign our school, you have to inform us by 10th of the previous month. All your works and/or items must be taken out from the school by the end of your last month.
  10. The re-entrance fee, 5,500 yen (included tax), will be required when you start learning at our school again.
  11. If you keep your works and/or items in our school,
    a. piece of your work is allowed to be kept on the drying rack. Tools should be stored in the boxes teachers designated.
    b. your name and your member card number must be written clearly.
    c. your belongings which you finish using must be taken out from our school soon.
    d. your belongings you don’t use are not allowed to be kept in our school, even if you plan to use them in the near future.
    e. our school will never take any responsibility for your belongings.
  12. If you want start painting works in extra size,
    a. you have to obtain a permission from your teacher before starting.
    b. extra storage fee will be required, when you want to store your work bigger than canvas size No.20 (727×727). As long as there is enough space on the drying rack, you could keep your work within the canvas size No.15 (652×652).
  13. In case that your monthly fees or absence fees are not paid in three consecutive months, or that your actions make any problems in our classes, your membership will be terminated.
  14. Our guidelines and/or curriculums could be changed without any prior notice.
  15. Our school will be operated under the latest terms and agreements displayed and noticed in our school or on our website.